Wednesday, June 4, 2008

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Hello Everybody Thanks visit My Blog!!!!!!!!!!

My name is Masturah Bt Hassan . I'm from Kampar, Perak and i was born in Hospital Besar Kampar. My father from Slim River and my mother from Kampar. I'm now 22 year's old although i born year 1985 because my birthday is 13, september. I have 5 sibling and i number two.
Ok!! Let me tell about my family...... I have one eldest brother, one youngest sister and two little brother. My brother work with my father were my father has restaurant and hes now 24 years old.My sister is now 19 years old and just alredy finish her STPM exam. She wait to continue study whether college or university. Now she help father while her waiting her countinue study. And my two little brother is still studying at secondary school both of two now form 5 and another one form 2. My father has own bussines and my mother aslo help him. My father sell food like a roti canai, mee rebus and nasi.
When i unemployed i always help them although when i'm study too help them when i was free but now i came here as a SPIKE and training at KPerak.
Ok.... Let me tell about myself , there nothing special about me because i'm very quiet person and not social. First i school at Sek. Keb. Kampar, i just studythere until standard 2 and then i moved to Gopeng. There i study until standard 4 and came back to my old school at Kampar. And my secondary school Sek.Men.Keb.Seri Kampar i study there from form 1 until form 5. At secondary school i had a lot activities join example sport like a atlet, join nasyid group and join campaign Bomba and so many. I'm not so good person at school i always escape school starting from 4. After finish school i continue at Institut Teknologi Perak to Diploma Computer Science for 3 years after that i stay at home. My personalize is i'm not like who people like welsh and selfish.
My hobbies is serve internet to download themes mobile, games mobile and mp3 songs.. Every week once a time i serve at cyber cafe. I like listening radio like or When i was free i like sleeping or play games on PC.
That all about myself although it's not interesting but thank's visit my blog........

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