Monday, June 30, 2008

~~PHP Project~~

Last week i just finished team project PHP and MySql during 6 days. Our team is me, Nazurah, Mohd. Faiz and Suresh. Our trainer name is Miss Priya who guide we all to doing this project, Thanks Miss Priya!! Although our project not complete succesfully but now i know how to use database in PHP where we put data user.. and now i know insert data and delete data but i don't know how to view that data after delete and insert. Our Project doing Hotel resevertion were user can log in who user have register and admin can log in also were admin can delete data user who the person have done their resevertion...
For the new customer they must register first and then they can log in to view their data which kind room they can use. This is interface our project were the programmer is Mohd. Faiz and me and Nazurah and Sureh do their powerpoint were they do flow chart and all about project flow.. I'm happy although i not complete that project but i know little to do this project..
So, this is out project interface...[below....]

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